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In our all new Culture Corner series, our author emerges from his cave after a weekend of Netflix to tell you, why you should  do the same sometime.

Still awake? or Netflix Originals2016-04-22_Netflix_logo

Wait a minute!

Where the fudge did my weekend go?
Oh yeah, Netflix took it.

A new season of the hilarious ‚Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt‘ is finally here and I spent the whole weekend binging through Tina Fey’s incredible comedy. It’s more ridiculous situations for Kimmy, Titus and the rest, with an actual cliffhanger at the end that even surprised me.

And this is not the only great show Netflix is responsible for these days. With a new show or season every two weeks, the streaming service is the biggest provider of original content, surpassing every TV Network in the US, probably only coming second to YouTube.

The beginning of this year already saw the release of the revival of ‚Full House‘, creatively entitled ‚Fuller House‘ (which I heard was either great or unbelievable crap), but I didn’t watch it as I haven’t seen the original. ‚Breaking Bad‘ spin-off ‚Better Call Saul‘ came to Netflix for it’s 2nd season and ‚House of Cards‘ is already in season four.

Oh boy, I’ve been rambling. My point is, there’s a weekend to lose for everyone on Netflix, from the upcoming ‚A Series of Unfortunate Events‘ to ‚Marvel’s Luke Cage‘, from Drama to Comedy and everything in between. If you don’t have Netflix yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. At least with the free trial month.

The TV landscape is changing and I truly believe that streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix or Maxdome are the future. And so far they show that they understand their customers better than any TV Network, producing great original content in any genre, with great actors, interesting stories, and most importantly, at a very reasonable price. Oh and no commercials are also sweet!

Just one last thing: Please stop asking me if I’m still watching, Netflix! There’s no need to be insecure about your shows, I’m not going to fall asleep while laughing my ass off watching Kimmy Schmidt. Oh yeah, WATCH UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT!!! …

Sorry… But do it!

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Netflix Originals on Netflix (DUH!) by Kevin Wendlandt

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